The Pee to Win Campaign, When & Why you know you have the right Agency for your Marketing

13 January, 2018

A mother's love, when a Pee is all it takes to get her unborn child a new baby cot. A true marketers mind is like that of a hunter, guided by instinct to know just the right moment to pounce on their prey.

Pee, Reveal & Win

It's April, you are flipping about your favourite True Love magazine when you see this ad (Watch the video). Your favourite Kenyan supermarket, say, Tuskys, Uchumi, Naivas, Carrefour, Jumia or Masoko has this offer for you but there's a catch.

"If we hit that bull’s-eye, the rest of the dominoes should fall like a house of cards."

So you give it a shot, after all, you guys have been trying for a baby. Viola! You are pregnant; Peeing on that ad did really change your life. Next up is a stop at the closest store of that supermarket that had the offer.

You've done your research.

You know that baby best be born in December because when the time comes for them to go to school you don't want to keep explaining, that half year or few months difference between him and his classmates every time he has to join a new school. It's a hustle.

And so have we.

A Marketers Mind

That's how we marketers think. Up until this point, everything that happened is deliberate. Booking that Ad to appear in that magazine which is one of Kenya’s most influential magazine for women, having it appear in the months from mid-March to probably June. We know that most Kenyans prefer to deliver their babies in December.

We know it's an unusual campaign but we also know if we hit that bulls-eye, the rest of the dominoes should fall like a house of cards, to quote Zapp Brannigan.

Who makes you Pee to get a 50% discount?

For this precise reason, it'll be the talk of the town, from Twitter hashtags, Influencers, TV & Radio discussions, blog articles, WhatsApp groups and more. We are thinking brand awareness, brand mentions, brand engagement and so much more all which are invaluable to our brand.

This Ikea campaign by Swedish agency Åkestam Holst. The Adweek International Agency of the Year for 2017, has been killing it with the Ikea work in recent years.

The devil is in the details. As an Agency it's our work to know and where we don't we find that information, because that will be the difference between a winning pitch and a losing one. We hate losing, losing means (no bragging rights - when you hear people talking about a campaign and you say "yeah, we did that") no business, which means no money and we love our money, not so much the money but what it can do for us.