In present day world where marketers & advertisers are facing an empowered consumer with often strong response, such as ad-blockers, to mediocre advertising that turns them off. Inspired by international brands such as AdAge, Marketing Week, Campaign & ADWEEK. Seed’s mission is to provide professionals across Kenya’s marketing, advertising and media communities with the creative mojo they need to attract and delight their Kenyan audience.

Seed aims to be Kenya’s leading media brand & a daily must-read for an influential audience of decision makers and disruptors across Kenya’s marketing, advertising and media communities. Thereby helping to strengthen their brands and enhance their business success.

Covering a thriving industry objectively, accurately, with fairness, coupling outstanding journalism & top industry experts to power creativity, data and analysis, people and culture, and innovation and forecasting.

From vital brand campaigns & activities, industry trends, real-time new, analysis by expert commentators to must-attend events  both conferences and awards, industry opportunities and innovative platform offerings.

Reaching professionals through our platform and on social media as well.

For brands & jobseekers in these communities, our recruitment portal, will be their first destination enabling career advancement of all professionals throughout the value chain who create the magic and turn it into profit. As well as championing a new breed of creative brand-builders, people who will disrupt and re-shape our industry.

You can be part of Seed too. Your invaluable participation as a contributor or commenting on our stories, giving us feedback on our coverage, and suggest what else we might write about next is highly appreciated.